“I am afraid I have some bad news,” said the Tao.

“No, please, not now, O Tao,” said the student, half-drunk, “This is a party. The bad news can wait, can it not?”

The Tao nodded.

“Meanwhile, enjoy this fine wine, O Tao,” said the wealthy student, “I bought this today. 1970 vintage Château Mont Blanc. Mighty expensive too, if I may add. It has fabulous aftertaste which you would not find in those cheap wines. See, the slight hint of garden-fresh strawberries of golden Mediterranean summer, and just a whiff of aged oak; I can almost feel I am transported to the French Riviera, for that ethereal smell of the virgin countryside has been bottled in here. To taste this is to get just that much closer to heaven.”

“I am afraid I have some bad news,” the Tao repeated. 

“Ah, well, just tell us then, if you must,” said the student.

“The 1970 vintage Château Mont Blanc bottle broke in the kitchen. This is a five dollar Chilean wine that I picked up from the local grocery store,” said the Tao.

The student put down his wine glass hurriedly. “No wonder all the time I was thinking that the tannin just did not feel right.”


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