The Walk of Life

It was late afternoon. The sun rays, filtering through the clouds, were golden. The Tao was on a hiking trail through the lonely mountains. He came across a woman on the trail. She had flowers in her hair. She wore running shoes.

“Hi! How are you doing?” said the Tao, in greeting.

“Doing great! Where are you going?” said the woman. With a gentle shake of her hair, the flower fell to the ground.

“Nowhere in particular,” said the Tao, pausing in his step to pick up the flower.

“Why don’t you walk with me?” asked the woman.

So they did. For many moons.

“We have been walking long together. Do you have the same destination as me?” asked the woman one day. “No. Our destinations are different,” said the Tao, “We only share the walk.”

So they walked the Walk of Life. Together.


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