“What was there at the beginning, O Tao?” asked the curious student.

“At the beginning, the world was born anew. There was only wonder. But soon ... there was happiness, content and some ... pain,” said the Tao.

“And then, in the middle?” asked the student.

“The middle was the most complex,” pondered the Tao, “There was affection, love, hate, lust, jealousy, greed and anger. It was a strange cocktail of emotions. Wonder ebbed away. Sense of content diminished. Both happiness and pain reached extremes.”

“And how did it end?” the student persisted.

“Content returned, even if in a small way,” said the Tao, “But it was tinged with despair ...”

“I don’t like how its progressing ... ,” muttered the student.

“You haven’t heard it all yet,” said the Tao, “Then, before the end, there was a new beginning. The world was born anew. There was only wonder.”

“Sounds like reincarnation,” opined the student. “No,” said the Tao, “It is called wisdom.”


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